Universal Graphical User Interface

UGUI gives a face to command line applications using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

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Open Source
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Screenshot of UGUI running on Windows Screenshot of UGUI running on OSX Screenshot of UGUI running on Ubuntu

UGUI Running on Windows

UGUI is cross-platform due to using NW.js as it's core. If you are using NW.js 0.12.3 you have support for XP and above. NW.js 0.13.0 and beyond supports Vista and above.

UGUI Running on OSX

Your UGUI App will run on OSX 10.7 and above. There are even tutorials on how to make your app safe to upload to the Mac App Store.

UGUI Running on Linux

UGUI officially supports Ubuntu 12 LTS and Ubuntu 14 LTS. Though it will likely run fine on Ubuntu 10 without any effort. Other Linux distros, especially those based on Debian may also work, but are not officially supported.

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